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Some short details about me...

Who am I (Research)

My research interests lie in the field of chromatin biology and the epigenetic regulation of nuclear functions, such as gene expression or DNA replication.

During my PhD, I studied the correlations between the long-range topology of the chromatin and the DNA replication program.

During my post-doc, I identified factors required for setting up a repressive heterochromatic compartment in the context of X-chromosome inactivation.

I'm now working on genome imprinting, at the I2BC, in the team of Daan Noordermeer.

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Who am I (Teaching)

I'm teaching at the University Paris-Sud / Paris-Saclay

1st year (L1): Projet professionnel
2nd year (L2): Genetics & Molecular Biology
3rd year (L3): Molecular Cloning
4th year (M1): Epigenetics
5th year (M2): Advanced epigenetics

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