Physical effects

  • Instability in 2D gases of carriers in heterostructures of type III / V (GaN HEMT),quantum wells (multiple).
  • Generation of THz pulse from photoconductive switch, SiGe HBT, Detection of THz signal.
  • Quantitative assessments of power via a THz guided transmission (guides (CPW, microstrip, Goubau) and planar antennas) system with direct measurements, measurements of dielectric function for thin films

Development of modeling tools developed or under development in the operation:

    • Resolution matrix of the Boltzmann equation
    • Calculation of the eigenvalues ​​of the Hamiltonian kp 30 bands
    • Coupling 3D Maxwell’s equations and equations « drift-diffusion » in FDTD
    • Quasi-two-dimensional hydrodynamic transport
    •  Monte Carlo study of the dynamics and transport of minority carriers and phonons
    • Commercial tools used: Silvaco, Ansoft HFSS, Comsol Multiphysics

Illustration: equi-energy surfaces of electronic structure of GaAs in Brillouin zone calculated with empirical pseudopotential