Publications about cobaltates

Phase segregation in Na_x CoO_2 for large Na contents
T. A. Platova, I. R. Mukhamedshin, A. V. Dooglav and H. Alloul, JETP Letters , 91, 457 (2010).


Na ordering imprints a metallic kagom´e lattice onto the Co planes of Na2/3CoO2
H. Alloul, I.R. Mukhamedshin, T.A. Platova and A.V. Dooglav, to be published in Europhysics Lett. (2009)


Spin correlations and cobalt charge states: Phase diagram of sodium cobaltates
G. Lang, J.Bobroff, H. Alloul, G. Collin, N. Blanchard, Phys.Rev.B 78, 155116 (2008)

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Cobalt charge states in sodium cobaltates at intermediate dopings
G. Lang, J.Bobroff, H. Alloul, I. Mukhamedchin, G. Collin, N. Blanchard, Journal of Alloys and Compounds: Proceedings of "The 16th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements, Dresden, 26-31 July, 2008”
Interplay between magnetic properties and thermoelectricity in misfit and Na cobalates
J.Bobroff, S. Hebert, G. Lang, P. Mendels, D. Pelloquin, A. Maignan, Phys.Rev.B Rapid Com. 76, 100407 (R) 2007
Na atomic order, Co charge disproportionation and magnetism in NaxCoO2 for large Na contents
H. Alloul, I.R. Mukhamedshin, N. Blanchard, G. Collin, Europhys. Lett. 82, 17002 (2008)

These Guillaume Lang - PHD Thesis (november 2007) :
Étude par RMN et muSR des propriétés électroniques et magnétiques des cobaltates de sodium

NMR study of the magnetic and metal-insulator transitions in Na0.5CoO2: a nesting scenario
J.Bobroff, G. Lang, H. Alloul, N. Blanchard, G. Collin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 107201 (2006)
Evidence of a single non magnetic Co3+ state in the Na1CoO2 cobaltate
G. Lang, J. Bobroff, H. Alloul, P. Mendels, N. Blanchard, G. Collin, Phys. Rev. B 72 094404 (2005)
59Co NMR Study of the Co States in Superconducting and Anhydrous Cobaltates
I.R. Mukhamedshin, H. Alloul, N. Blanchard, G. Collin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 247602 (2005)
Cascade of Bulk Magnetic Phase Transitions in NaxCoO2 as Studied by Muon Spin Rotation
P. Mendels, D. Bono, J. Bobroff, G. Collin, D. Colson, N. Blanchard, H. Alloul, I. Mukhamedshin, F. Bert, A. Amato, and A. D. Hillier, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 136403 (2005)
  23Na NMR Evidence for Charge Order And Anomalous Magnetism in NaxCoO2
I.R. Mukhamedshin, H. Alloul, N. Blanchard, G. Collin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 167601 (2004)