Publications about fullerides & nanotubes

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importance of correlations and Jahn-teller distortions
V. Brouet, H. Alloul, S. Garaj et L. Forro, to be published as a book chapter, Springer-Verlag, série structure and bonding, editor K. Prassides

    Gaps and excitations in fullerenes with partially filled bands : NMR
studies of Na2C60 and K4C60,
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    Molecular motion and T site symmetry in the sc phase of Na2C60
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13C and 23Na NMR Study of the polymer phase of Na2KC60
T. Saito , V. Brouet, H. Alloul, L. Forró , AIP Conference Proceedings (2000)
    before 2000  
Detection by NMR of a « local spin-gap » in quenched cubic CsC60
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