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SERP-Chem Master Course
Specialization in photochemistry during semester 3 in Poland

SERP-Chem Master Course
Lab trainings in the Institute of Molecular Science: manipulation of nanoparticles for medicine (www.ismo.u-psud.fr)

Social programme 2015 : high rope course...

Summer School
SoSMSE | School on Science Management for Scientists and Engineer

Good news! The Erasmus Mundus label of the SERP-Chem master has been renewed for 3 more classes!!!  In September 2017, our team will thus start a new adventure with the SERP+ master.

Scholarships available and applications on our new website: www.master-serp.eu


The International Master SERP-Chem is a two-year programme in Surface, Electro, Radiation, and Photo-Chemistry with elements of Management, Business, Innovation and Valorisation, Communication and Patent law. The Master SERP-Chem aims at training students in the most performing experimental and theoretical tools used and developed in chemistry, and to become the topmost researchers and managers in areas of great relevance such as:

  • Green chemistry based on photon-induced reactions,
  • Nanomedicine and renewable energies, applications of radiations,
  • Catalysis and industrial processes based on innovative surface treatments and modification
  • Environment concerns


Specialization in surface science is taught during semester 3 in Italy. More about the programme »

University of Genova

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Specialization in electrochemistry is taught during semester 3 in Portugal. More about the programme »
University of Porto

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Specialization in radiation is taught during semester 3 in France. More about the programme »

University of Paris-Sud

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Specialization in photochemistry is taught during semester 3 in Poland. More about the programme »

University Adam Mickiewicz

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About SERP-Chem

Since its creation in 2008 the SERP-Chem master has benefit from the support of many patners. Click on the following link to visit our partners.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


Latest News

Scholarships for Vietnamese students
The French Embassy in Vietnam offers scholarships to Vietnamese students wishing to attend a training at the M2 level in France. This scholarship is elegible for students applying for the second-year specialization at Paris-Sud University.

Deadline for applications : January 4th, 2019

November 19, 2018

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