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Francisco, Class of 2013, Venezuela

Current Position: PDEng trainee - Process Design, TU Delft (Netherlands)

“A fantastic experience, I learnt a lot of different things while living in the different countries and facing different cultures. It gave me an opportunity to work on my networking skills while improving my technical and other soft skills. It opened a door for me to continue my life in Europe. I am sure that I would not be where I am today without SERP-Chem. In addition, it allowed me to make a lot of friends, which I am still in contact with.”


Damien Clavel, Class of 2013, France

Current Position: PhD Student, Université Paris-Sud (France), Molecular Biology -  Crystallography/Molecular Dynamics/Spectroscopy.

“Joining SERP Chem was an unforgettable period of my studies. Many of these reasons are nostalgic but SERP-Chem’s way of teaching and discovering many new things during this short time was a real thrill. For sure we learned a lot about chemistry over the two years but we also discovered a piece of the world with our international classmates. Experience SERP-Chem. Feel the world of chemistry.”


Randy, Class of 2014, Indonesia

Current Position: Junior Packaging Specialist, Danone Aqua (Indonesia).

SERP-Chem is a good educational program for master’s level. They prepared everything very well. I did not only get a scientific insight but also other skills (communication, management, etc). SERP-Chem gives students a chance to develop their responsibility and character.”


Shady Kotb, Class of 2013, Egypt

Current Position: PhD student, University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France)

The hardest part is getting to the station. And the first steps are indeed the hardest: leaving behind your family and friends, your habits, your comfort, your certainties, and setting off for new horizon. It takes an effort and will power. The appeal of travelling and pursuit education is incompatible with laziness and self-importance. It takes determination, curiosity and a certain taste for risk to venture into new world, new references and new vocabularies. The MOMENTS of struggle worth a MOMENT of success.”


Andrés Sierra, Class of 2014, Colombia

Current Position: PhD Student at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier (France) / SINCHEM Erasmus Mundus Programme

“During my experience in SERP-Chem, I learnt about high-tech techniques that prepared me for my current PhD position. I got the fundamentals and some practical courses that have helped me understand the current research I am carrying out. The 5 languages I speak now have been very useful for my professional life, since I work on a multinational project. Furthermore, my internship experience at Ipsen at the end of the SERP-Chem program, prepared me very well for working in any company. Finally, I learnt to be comfortable in multicultural environments and I acquired adaptation abilities. I can tell that I learnt a lot during this program, but also that I became a better person.”


Nazym Tuleushova, Class of 2016, Kazakhstan

Life for a SERP-Chem student seems difficult in the beginning, but thanks to professional administration and professors of the program it is getting easier to manage all problems. Students may have fun both within the classes and non-class time. Since SERP-Chem gives possibility to study in different countries travelling around, it makes the student life more lively and interesting. SERP-Chem is the best opportunity for people who wish to build their career in natural sciences having contacts from over the world. I am really happy that I am with SERP-Chem. It is a big family that makes a leader from you


Medet Zhukush, Class of 2016, Kazakhstan

I love SERP-Chem due to several reasons. It gives me an opportunity to get European education among international master-students with whom I can exchange experience. Thanks to the program I have friends from over the world and visited many beautiful and interesting places. In the case I graduate SERP-Chem I am confident for my professional future.”


Erika Vocal, Class of 2016, Philippines

For me, going through the SERP-Chem program is a great opportunity to learn a lot of things. As an aspiring material scientist, it gives me extensive exposure to different paradigms regarding surface science. I get to work with people from varied backgrounds and this enriches my knowledge further. Since mobility is part of the program, I also get to learn new languages and cultures since I am studying in a different university/country every semester. Overall, it has been an amazing experience so far and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in both surface science and the European cultures.”



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