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Nanostructured films and composites


Methods used in the preparation of nanostructued films, nanomaterials and composites: top-down and bottom-up approaches. Self-assembly methods (static and dynamic self-assembly, co-assembly, templated self-assembly and hierarchic self-assembly – examples). Preparation and functionalization methods for carbon nanomaterials, metal oxides and semiconductors nanomaterials, metallic nanoparticles and composites: examples of technological applications. Experimental techniques used in the characterization of films and materials.


The aim of this course is to develop the student’s knowledge on fabrication and characterization of nanostructured films, nanomaterials and composites and identification of their functionalities for technological applications. The students will be able to: (i) demonstrate knowledge to choose a film/material/composite for a specific application, (ii) choose their appropriate synthetic method and corresponding functionalization, (iii) identify the experimental techniques to their characterization, (iv) ability to read, interpret scientific papers in the areas of nanosciences and nanotechnology, and (v) knowledge and skills of nanosciences and nanotechnology principles to a potential project application.

Recommended Books

M. Komiyama, T. Takeuchi, T. Mukawa, and H. Asanuma, Molecular Imprinting, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co., 2003 G. A. Ozin, A. C. Arsenault, Nanochemistry - A chemical approach to nanomaterials, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2005 Yoon S. Lee, Self-Assembly and Nanotechnology: A Force Balance Approach, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, 2008.

Teaching Staff

Prof Carlos Pereira (course coordinator) Prof Cristina Freire Prof Manuel Azenha


Lectures: 14h Practical courses: 28h

Grading System

Practical courses (homework, problems resolution, search of complementary information on the subjects presented): 40 % Final exam: 60 %

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