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Italian Course


Culture lectures, conversations, reading and writing exercises. The language course will be offered in 3 options: Beginners (joint group with 1 semester students). Intermediate (students who have already some Italian knowledge) Advanced (students who have already good Italian knowledge)


Allow the student to achieve a sufficient oral and written comprehension of the local language of the housing country. As well as an introduction to country culture. After completing this course; All the students will be able to communicate, speak and write, every day life requirements. The Intermediate group will be able also to read and write texts. The advanced group will be able also to write texts related to scientific topics

Recommended Books

Alessandra Latino, Marida Muiscolino 1,2,3 Italiano (vol 1 and vol 2), ed Hoepli

Teaching Staff

Prof. Federica Mazza


Lectures/Conversation 30h

Grading System

50% of the mark from a continuous evaluation, 50% derived from a final exam (25% for the written and 25% from the oral exam)

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