What is that graph ?

Very simple animations to understand some pioneer graphs of the solid state physics

Nobel Prize 1913
a metal becomes a superconductor

In 1911, K. Onnes and his team measure electrical resistance in mercury. They discover that at a few degrees from absolute zero, this metal suddenly becomes a superconductor. They have just opened one of the most studied field of research in condensed matter physics.

Nobel Prize 2007
a magnet induces a giant magnetoresistance

In 1988, the teams of A. Fert and P. Grünberg discover that a magnetic field strongly modifies the electrical resistance of thin layers. This giant magnetoresistance allowed the invention of hard drive reading heads and the opened the route to the spintronics.

Nobel Prize 2010
graphene is the thiner metal

In 2004, A. Geim and K. Novoselov
succeed to measure the electrical properties of graphene, a material made of only one layer of atoms. They succeed to control the number of electrons which flow the current and open the route to new electronic devices.

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