Our Approach

These recent years, the public has strongly evolved in its way of understanding, discovering and communicating. Now is a key moment for researchers in physics to propose new ways to display modern physics and recent discoveries and to engage large public with those. New tools, interfaces and new uses allow to open innovative ways for that. Our group of reserach physicits collaborates with graphists, designers, artists, science explainers and teachers to explore these new ways, focusing on our research field : solid state physics.

Our activities

- Create innovative devices and medias for outreach and teaching of modern physics
- Research on these new outreach tools in collaboration with specialists of physics education and communication science.
- Develop teachings and trainings for university students, researchers and teachers
- Develop outreach events to engage large public, students, highschool teenagers, and medias with recent solid state physics discoveries.
- Help create a collaborative network involving researchers, teachers, graphic designers, designers... with this new approach of outreach, both on local, national and international level.


Our team is part of the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, a lab of Universite Paris Sud associated with the CNRS. We are active participants of La Diagonale Paris-Saclay, which gathers researchers in our Saclay area involved in science-society dialogs..


the 2015 award "prix le Goût des Sciences" from the french Ministere of research and university teaching for our movie "The researcher's article".
the 2011 award "prix Jean Perrin de la popularisation de la science" from the French Physical Society for our actions.

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