Quantum Tales : a new way to narrate physics

Each discovery is illustrate with 9 cards. These cards can be used by a scientist or a science explainer
to tell about a discovery on the corner of ea table, in science festivals, in a meeting or a conference.
They pave the way for new forms of science tales.

Discover all the cards in english here.
And if you want to download and use them, it's possible and free !



                          This project was developped with Marine Joumard, science illustrator from Ecole Estienne, in collaboration with our team "Physics Reimagined" from Laboratoire de Physique des Solides de l’Université Paris-Sud and CNRS (Orsay, France). It received the support of the chair "La Physique Autrement" by the Paris-Sud Foundation and supported by the Air Liquide Group.