Open TP

A website to discover new types of physics labs: low cost, open source, DIY, creative...

Atom Light Matter

Thanks to the PALM Labex, we have developped a new tool including animations, cartoons, graphics and many downloadable contents about the physics of light, matter and atoms :

Design and science

We have collaborated with design students to explore new ways to popularize and explain physics. Discover the project here : "Design Explains Science" (collaboration ANR Descitech with ENSCI-Les Ateliers).

A new project to understand atoms, the periodic table and chemical bound

"Create the universe" is a series of four videos to understand in a few minutes how an atom is made, how the periodic table is built and how atoms bound with each others. And in bonus, posters and postcards free to download !

Why should one popularize condensed matter physics ?

A viewpoint published in Nature Nanotechnology

-195,79°C : our recipies using liquid nitrogen

With Pierre, a student in a design school, we have created 12 funny and surprising recipies using liquid nitrogen at -195,79°C (about -320F). Discover the videos, the postcards and the making of.

Quantum Tales

Each discovery is illustrate with 9 cards. These cards can be used by a scientist or a science explainer
to tell about a discovery on the corner of ea table, in science festivals, in a meeting or a conference.
They pave the way for new forms of science tales.


Four student projects about very low temperatures : in space, in superfluid helium, in superconductors and in history. Sorry most of it is in french, except "quantum memory", about superconducting levitation and pinning.

Catch the invisible : design and science

Our project "Catch the invisible" with designers from l'ENSCI-Les Ateliers now online : videos, photos, animations about the invisible and microscopes as seen by designers together with physicists.

The absolute zero

An art creation by Patrick Corillon inspired by our discussions about low temperature physics.


Enlighten me : chasing and quantum physics

Alice, a chasing student, has created an object to give a new view on metals and their quantum properties.

The Coldest Book in the World !

Together with Marjorie, a student in illustration, we asked ourselves wether we'd be able to create the coldest book in the World. Fortunately, there's a lot of liquid nitrogen in our lab ! Discover the video, the book, the exhibition and the making-of here.

It will be ready in mid-september. Meanwhile, a short trailer...

7 New animations about Microscopes

Seven new animations about all types of microscopes (optical, fluorescent, confocal, electronic, atomic force, tunnel effect...). To discover and free-to-download and use here .

How to teach physics using Arduino low-cost technologies

An article about project-based physics labs using low-cost open-source hardware in an undergraduate university curriculum - preprint here

"Physics & caffeine", our new stop-motion picture

Find it here. A small animation picture which explains all physics through... a cup of coffee. A movie realized by a student at ENSAD, Charlotte Arene, which follows the "Researcher's article".

The "Goût des Sciences" prize for our team

We received the "Goût des Sciences" french prize given by the Ministere of research and university small animation picture for Charlotte Arene's movie "The researcher's article".

"Bubble Circus", our new device to explain soaps and bubbles with an island

Here it is online, conceived by the designer A. Echasseriau with our group and "Interfaces Liquides" from LPS. An island, its boats, its beach and... its volcano !

How to teach outreach

An article about a project-based course about outreach in a physics curriculum - preprint here

Call Me Quantum

Our first international exhibit, "Call Me Quantum" now in the Neils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen (Danemark).

Workshop Lumière (in french)

A collaboration with an art and design school in Paris, l'Ecole Estienne, about light, now online here, and with this short trailer (sorry, in french).

Six favorite recipies to cook up the Universe

a new graphical project with animated pictures about how to cook up the Universe from a physicist point of vue. Discover how to create diamonds, galaxies, thunderstorm, bubbles, magnets or stars with the laws of nature.

Embedded with physicists

A 9 episode comic strip about the Physics world, as seen from the inside by a cartoonist. One new episode each monday and thursday, starting 9 march 2015.

Light Science Design

Our "Light Science Design" project with designers from ENSCI-Les Ateliers is now online : videos, photos, animations about light seen by physicists and designers working together.

The new "Quantum Made Simple" is online

New animations, new posters, new flys, everything is free to download in this new version of Quantum Made Simple.

The researcher's article: a three-part adventure

A stop-motion movie to understand how researchers publish their discoveries.