Physics & Caffeine

A stop-motion movie about physics through a coffee cup

Bubble Circus

a circus to explain the physics of bubbles and soap

Workshop Lumière (french)

(Sorry, in french) a collaboration with Ecole Estienne about light

Six favorite recipies...

to cook up the universe ! A story with animated drawings about recipies made by physicists.

Embedded with physicists

a comic strip about the world of Physics, as seen by an illustrator.

Light Science Design

a collaboration with the design school ENSCI about light and science.

Quantum Made Simple 2

A new look, new topics and new animations for the website "Quantum Made Simple"

The "Call Me Quantum" exhibit

An exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia (USA)

Conférence sur les aimants

Unisciel, Youtube 2015

Conférence "lumières quantiques"

Olympiades de Physique, Nancy 2015

Conférence sur la vulgarisation

Petits Seminaires de Vulgarisation, Orsay 2015