Use spatialized sound to help engage with invisible physics phenomena

Design students have developed a variety of interfaces that employ spatialized sound to facilitate gaining a better understanding of some of the invisible phenomena of physics. The eight speaker setup and interfaces allowed people to explore and listen to representations of the invisible phenomena; spatialized sound means that one can hear different sound's location and movement, coming from and shifting to different perceived positions. This work was undertaken in the sound studio of ENSCI-Les Ateliers with Roland Cahen in collaboration with J. Bobroff (LPS, Orsay).

Here is the french description of the project (pdf). There are also descriptions of the six projects about light, quantum physics, acoustics, electrical currents, and entanglement (in French): 

Sur L'onde

Quantum Symphonia

Entendre la Forme de l'Onde

Bruits du Courant

Intrication Quantique

Participating students : Annelise Légaré (Sur l’onde); Paul Couderc (Quantum Symphonia); Matéo Garcia (Entendre la forme d’onde); Antoine Goupille (les bruits du courant); Jean-Baptiste Demay (WANTED). Project led in 2014 by Roland Cahen (ENSCI-Les Ateliers) in collaboration with J. Bobroff (LPS, Orsay).